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Located in St Pauls, The Malcolm X Community Centre is at the heart of Bristol’s African Caribbean community. During the Windrush era, the first generation of Caribbean immigrants moved to St Pauls, making it a significant hub for the Black community. With more than 91 languages spoken, the suburb is now one of the most diverse places in the city.


Over time, the area has suffered from a lack of investment in infrastructure, health and social care, education and housing, creating an unfair and fractured relationship between locals and ‘The Establishment’. The Malcolm X Community Centre was born out of the St Pauls uprising of April 2, 1980, which catalysed further uprisings throughout the 80s across Brixton, Liverpool and Birmingham. Since then, the centre has worked to address issues and concerns that particularly affect the African Caribbean community.


The centre is also home to the Malcolm X Elders, through which we have immediate access to elderly community members suffering with dementia in order to offer support to them and their families. Our centre’s trustees are valued members of the community who know local residents personally, allowing us to attend to the needs of those affected by dementia in a close and familiar manner.


Are you enthusiastic about helping the community?


Do you want to get involved with the operations at the Malcolm X Community Centre? Then Join our Board!


Email: to express your interest.

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